Hints & tips

Before a trip check oil & water levels, tyre pressure & windscreen washer fluid. Make sure all hoses are in good order & there are no leaks. Check drive belts for tension & cracking. Carry a spare tyre and make sure it’s in good order with correct pressure.


When changing wheels ensure the wheel nuts are fitted pointy end to the wheel. If they are put on the wrong way they can undo themselves and you may lose your wheel.


Manufacturers recommended tyre pressure can be found on the tyre placard which is in the glove box or the door pillars.


Replace wiper blades as soon as they stop wiping cleanly. Old wiper blades can damage you windscreen.

Tyres should be checked weekly. An uneven wear pattern may indicate a wheel alignment problem.

Steering wheel shudder is usually a wheel balance problem and will require attention.


Vibration through the car when accelerating may indicate a misfire.

Steering wheel shaking when braking is usually a warped disc rotor & can be fixed by machining.


Any unexplained noise is suspicious and should be investigated by a qualified mechanic.


When changing tyres NEVER place any part of your body under the car as the jack may collapse causing serious injury.

The most important tip ever - Always be nice to your wife and giving her flowers will always help.

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